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13-Jun-2020 12:47

I googled the site , to find out more info and this is how I found this forum. Sent May 4, pm What I got from Amanda, I posted above was also a text. I don't know any Amanada, never give out my cell no and don't know why she would text me. than last night I got a text from someone with the initial p, calling me Iassac going on about wild casual sites on Ontario I sent a text back , telling her not send anymore messages. I was telling my friend how I looked this up on the computer last night because of the messages I got and found all these responses so I looked on his City Hall phone which is just for business, ne never texts, accepts texts or reads them and didn't I find the same crap that is on my phone and yours, from someone named Donna, he also got the same I did from ontario Hookup. Joining Hook Up Party gives you opportunities you wouldn't have in clubs. We give you the chance to meet swingers looking for a little someone like you.Get it on with our app that gives you the chance to connect to someone on the other side of Kitchener.An FWB kind of relationship is probably what I am looking for. Don’t want to be your Mom or check up on you all... We could chat on instant messengers and then meet....

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I, too, received a message from someone named DONNA.