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26-Sep-2020 09:17

On Monday, the national police said that from January 2017 to December 2018, more than 1,300 minors had been arrested in connection with illegal drugs.

They were mostly used as “drug runners,” or mules, because criminals know that children cannot be prosecuted under present laws, the police said.

“Go after big crooks, and reform 9-year-olds.”Senator Grace Poe, who has opposed previous attempts to lower the age for criminal prosecution, agreed.“By lowering the age of criminality to 9, we will be creating kindergarten prisons, and instead of rehabilitating children, these will become finishing schools for young criminals, their impressionable minds tutored by the best in the trade,” she said in a statement.

The independent Commission on Human Rights has also expressed “strong opposition” to the bill.“We urge the government to address conditions that push children to such circumstances, rather than placing the burden on a child for failures of institutions meant to protect them,” Jacqueline Ann de Guia, a spokeswoman for the commission, said in an interview. de Guia noted that the Philippines is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that imprisonment is to be used “only as a measure of last resort.”Mr. Duterte would not interfere with legislators’ work, but that the Senate would probably not take long passing the bill because it had already been approved by the House committee.“It’s now up to the Senate.

In the latter case, it shall not be permissible to state or reveal in the document the name of the father who refuses to acknowledge the child, or to give therein any information by which such father could be identified. – No human body shall be buried unless the proper death certificate has been presented and recorded in the office of the local civil registrar.

Any fetus having human features which dies after twenty four hours of existence completely disengaged from the maternal womb shall be entered in the proper registers as having been born and having died. The physician who attended the deceased or, in his default the health officer concerned, or in default of the latter, any member of the family of the deceased or any person having knowledge of the death, shall report the same to the local health authorities, who shall issue a death certificate and shall order the same to be recorded in the office of the local civil registrar.

– All expenses in connection with the establishment of local civil registers shall be paid out of municipal funds, and for this purpose, municipal councils and boards shall make the necessary appropriation out of their available general funds: For the registration of documents and for certified copies of documents on file in the local civil registrar’s office, fees shall be charged in accordance with the following schedule: For registration of legitimations P2.00 For registration of an adoption 2.00 For registration of an annulment of marriage 10.00 For registration of a divorce 10.00 For registration of naturalization 20.00 For registration of a change of name 2.00 For certified copies of any documents in the register, for each one hundred words 20.00 The Civil Registrar General or any local civil registrar may issue certified copies of documents free of charge for official use or at the request of a competent court. – All birth, death and marriage registers and other papers relating thereto at present in the keeping of the municipal secretaries or the clerk of the Municipal Court of Manila shall be transferred by the same to the officers acting as local civil registrars in each city or municipality and shall form part of the archives of the latter.

While the current juvenile justice law mandates that each of the country’s 81 provinces and 33 highly urbanized cities establish centers for underage offenders, the cash-strapped government has set up only about 50, Mr. He argued that young offenders often face a more difficult future and have trouble adjusting to the real world, and that lowering the age of criminal liability would only make that worse. Duterte, said the current law gave drug gangs an incentive to use children for criminal activities “because they know the children will be freed.” He said Mr.