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"Self monitoring is about how we try to present ourselves in a favourable light to others, to make people like us." Someone who scores as 'low' on self monitoring is extremely authentic when describing themselves in all circumstances, and those who score 'high' are more prone to so-called white lies.

Self-monitoring scores turned out to be a major factor in the likelihood of people changing their presentation to others across all dating indicators (topics such as previous relationships, likes, dislikes, appearance, etc).

" There were three main findings from the study of couples experiencing depressive symptoms or relationship problems: Those with more severe depressive symptoms reported more relationship distress; people experiencing more relational uncertainty were less satisfied with their relationship; and finally, women's depressive symptoms predicted all three sources of their relational uncertainty, which in turn predicted both men's and women's relationship quality.

For men, only the self source of relational uncertainty acted as a mediator. For example, working through relational uncertainty issues in psychotherapy may help alleviate depressive symptoms.

Relational uncertainty is how sure individuals are about their perceptions of involvement in a relationship. Self uncertainty is the questions people have about their own relationship involvement, such as, "how certain am I about my view of this relationship?

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