Problem updating iphone 3gs to 4 3

07-Jun-2020 01:33

problem updating iphone 3gs to 4 3-54

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The situation stinks, and I recall thinking *immediately* upon the i Pad's launch that the 256MB RAM was going to cause problems as a bottleneck before the rest of the device really fell behind, but it's how things are.Well it didn't take long to hear from i Phone owners who tried the 3.1.3 firmware update to fix their existing battery problems.Apple has been restricting certain i OS features to certain devices since i OS 4, and i OS 6 is probably the most confusing example of this yet, mostly because there are now many different i OS products with varying performance levels.

There's also a button in the lower-left corner of the screen that you can tap to bring up all the steps in your route.

i OS 6 doesn't make the i Phone 3GS any slower or more difficult to use than it was before, which should be good news to anyone who keeps theirs around as a secondary or backup phone—indeed, it's pleasantly surprising how many of the refinements and improvements make their way down to Apple's oldest-supported piece of i OS hardware.

However, that hardware has been surpassed so thoroughly by other i OS and Android handsets at this point that it's difficult to recommend it as a primary handset.

You don't have much to lose if you upgrade a 3GS to i OS 6, but there's a lot more to gain by investing in a newer device. The CPU is better in the i Pad, but the device has the same amount of RAM (a mere 256MB).

I still heavily use my original i Pad, having decided to wait until the 4th gen to update, and I've found the RAM issue is a far worse problem on it than on a 3GS due to the larger assets used for 1024x768 resolution i Pad apps (whereas the 3GS is just 480x320).

While GLBenchmark and Geekbench scores remain unchanged from i OS 5, improvements made to Safari's Java Script engine continue to benefit the 3GS just as they benefit newer models.