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This is the woman, after all, whom the New York Times called "the Cindy Sherman of rap." Minaj says it's more than a pose, though -- it's fashion as a pillar of hip-hop.Her style, she says, is "hip-hop meets couture meets crazed lunatic....Even as a young girl, Minaj recalls, "I remember having my older cousin keep repeating Slick Rick's 'Children's Story' so I could learn it.I wanted to know Left Eye's rap on 'Waterfalls.' When Jay-Z rapped about 'calling an audible,' I knew what he meant. We're talking about our hood, but you can be intelligent and witty with it, you can do whatever.

Minaj rose up through the hip-hop ranks by appearing on over 30 tracks, alongside heavyweights like Ludacris, Drake, Lil' Wayne and Usher.I just like when people show their intelligence within hip-hop." Her non-street smarts were perceived as a liability when she started recording around the New York hip-hop scene."My first manager told me, 'Stop playing around with your words, stop being funny, nobody's going to take you seriously.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.

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