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15-Feb-2021 17:31

CPOs are also required to file this report with NFA using Easy File.

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After the firm submits the umbrella filing, Easy File will automatically indicate that the series-level filings have been received.

The December 2017 release (“2017 Amendments”) is available at: https://gov/rules/final/2017/33-10442

The January 2019 release (“2019 Amendments”) is available at: https://gov/rules/interim/2019/ic-33384If you have questions about filing requirements related to Form N-CEN and Form N-PORT, please contact the IM Investment Company Regulation Office at 202-551-6792. The schemas for Forms N-PORT and N-CEN are available for viewing at https://gov/oit/Article/

Hopefully, this additional year will give us time to resolve the federal securities concerns and the other administrative complexities raised by the original guidance.

But the extension is a perfect first step with the January 1, 2019 deadline looming.

The December 31 CFTC filing satisfies NFA's December 31 filing.