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25-Jul-2020 19:03

Total Stylishness is the combined total of Points attributed to all of the Avatar Items which are currently in your Dresser.

Please note that you will not lose “Items” and “Avatars” you obtained even if you change a story or a character. Please tap "Login with Facebook" on a top page of app 3.

1 Screenshot that includes; - Name of offer you completed - Points you were supposed to receive 2 Reply from Tapjoy As part of the parameters of this app, Prizes may be received from any Levels in which Slots have been Unlocked.

【Want to link the game data from your phone to your Facebook? Please note that even though the "You have received a love letter!

This offer is only on Wizardess Heart , Blood in Roses , Destiny Ninja 2 , Love Tangle, Oz , Ninja Shadow , Guard me, Sherlock!