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04-Aug-2020 03:10

I have some custom rowupdating code in my gridview. Edit Index = -1 End Sub This gv is bound to an objectdatasource. Data Bind(); This will cause the grid to refresh and it will see that it is not in edit mode and the row will be back to normal mode. Grid View Updated Event Args ) Handles gv Subusers.

The user clicks edit, edits the record, clicks update and it runs my code. Grid View Updated Event Args ) Handles gv Subusers. "Bobby Edward" wrote: I've tried that as well as other ways...

It may help Added Something you could do is change the commandname to whatever you'd like and handle it in Rowcommand.

I want to obtain the new value of a cell in the gridview row Updating How to get cell value in Row Updating Event Grid View.

I suppose my eyes got big when I saw all the new properties and methods, and wanted to try them all out.

How can I change it back to 'normal' mode, as if they clicked cancel? Fill Error, New Fill Error Event Handler( _ Address Of Fill Error) Dim data Set As Data Set = New Data Set adapter.