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13-Feb-2020 14:52

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Well, first of all, this is why Russian women are different from American women.

They are more honest, direct and aren’t afraid to contact you first.

German/English teacher, working in a bank, restaurant worker, etc.

As I said, when I first got to Moscow, I tried approaching girls on the streets of Moscow.

This company is operating for about 16 years, and I am sure they want happy and satisfied customers. And it would be true, 20 years ago when the country was in big trouble, economically speaking, and on the verge of a civil war.

When it comes to internet and communication in general, Russians tend to use alternatives. The situation was so hard that when a man from western world came to ex-USSR republics, girls saw him as a last chance to save herself from misery and move to the US.

I understand a fear of being scammed, but people who do not allow themselves to be scammed can’t be a victim of a scam on dating sites. This is why I decided to try Russian cupid and it’s been a completely different story, there are many girls using this app on a regular basis, and this is the main reason Russian Cupid is better than Tinder when it comes to Russia.

Then you see some famous Russian women and think, oh they are hot. After that, you decide to go to Turkey, Egypt or Montenegro, and there you find a lot of Russian girls on the beach walking next to you. You know those dating agencies where you have to pay for even messaging a girl.

You will get “how long are you going to stay in Russia” very often, so you better prepare an answer to that.

I suggest you note that you moved to Russia or intend to do so in short future.

Right next day, when I woke up, I saw a new message: Suspicious right?

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When was the last time girl sent you something like this?They were all looking very good, and I understand why some folks would think that it’s fake.