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17-Dec-2020 16:36

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For people buying or renovating she reiterates that “there is a temptation to underestimate how long and expensive the job will be”.

While it is cheaper to live in the house while you’re doing it up, something she did in the very sizeable Rise Hall, it is very challenging, she says.

Four years later she set up Tepilo, an online estate agency that is shaking up the UK market, charging a flat fee instead of the traditional UK agency commission average of two per cent plus VAT on property transactions.

“The old way of selling houses was for the agent to decide and the client to obey,” she explains.

“If you do decide to go down this route it is best approached when you’re young and before you have kids. If you’re putting your foot into a paint pot when you get out of bed you will go berserk.” Beeny suggests putting up a temporary kitchen and flooring the space with cheap lino so that you have a central space in which to cook and eat.

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is a compendium of easy-to-follow instructions for those carrying out simple jobs around the house.The mother of four is married to Irishman Graham Swift, an artist who great up in Co Tipperary.