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[hangs up the cordless phone] We need to cancel our plans, Sharon. And of course you can feel free to add little flowers or maybe some festive Easter grass. [she queefs and the stars, moons, and sparkles pop out in a fireworks display. [lowers his face and moves in closer for a good look... The boys watch this special and aren't moved.] Now stop it! Or download the cleo auto install exe at If the compiling process was successful you get then a report message click on OK to confirm the lower value "Largest Script" shows the script file size the other values belongs to a compiling process of a Test then the script ingame, press fire button to display the text message "OK" The script ends then, will be deactivated because it ends with opcode 0A93: end_custom_thread ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Opcode Search to search for opcodes type any keyword to find a codeline which include this word or type an opcode to find the description the foundings are allways existing lines of original The opcode search tool requires to create the in Sanny Builder 3\data\sa folder Load the decompiled original main into sannybuilder then choose TOOLS on sanny menue, then: make Line numbers Choose TOOLS, then options in option menu EDITOR you can find the feature to switch Line numbers off/on The line number is part of the editor, not of the script The Sannybuilder Choose HELP on menue, then Content to find informations, such like key_press numbers, weapon numbers, bodyparts etc..______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Choose TOOLS, then options in option menu GENERAL you can find the feature to switch between 2 ways for decompiling either decompile by writing opcodes or decompiling without opcodes 1. Finally, the Easy Virtue script is here for all you fans of the Jessica Biel movie.

Then start Sannybuilder, Open a new blank page, copy the script below and insert it into the new page.

[walks out the door]Eh, look guys, women are starting to be the driving force behind the television audience! So we want to try to appeal to the female sensibility. He runs in, leaving the front door open and his father puzzled. Their new hit show is being tuned in by women all over the world. [Regis and Kelly stand up to greet the sisters as the sisters go onstage]Sorry guys, but this queefing thing is really catching on. [hands them the boxes][prepares himself a drink and walks by his window] Yes, I know it's sick. Just like most women out there I've really gotten into queefing lately.