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You can extend an Hourly tour or add days or hours.

For example, if you wanted to visit more than one club per day, you could extend the Hourly tour with additional hours for an additional rate.

Please read the page before you contact us with questions that may already be answered therein.

MORE DETAILS HERE 2019 REGULAR TOUR PRICES *Dollar Rate stays the same, Euro rate can change Remember rates are in US Dollars. See Advance booking page for DISCOUNTS ON THIS FARE Join our discreet email list for discounted fares and deals Time left till the next 6 and 8 Day Group tour One price includes hotel and transportation for a 3 day period See 1 – 2 clubs a day for a 3 day period Package price is paid in US dollars, no need to exchange to Euros Be part of a group of new and experienced travelers who speak English Share information, experiences and make new friends during your stay Save money, one price includes your logistics expenses (Tour cost does not include club entry fees or cost of entertainment or Airfare) Group tours include hotel, transportation, airport pick up and drop off, driver, translation and guide 24/7 during the tour.

Travel time from your hotel, airport or train station and back will be considered as part of the 6 hours.

For example, if you select to visit a club one hour away from your hotel the time needed to get to the club and return from the club will be deducted from your included 6 hours.

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If no then join a tour on the dates shown HERE or pick your dates and use Private Custom Tours 3.