Sex dating in hodgkins illinois

18-Nov-2020 01:02

In October, the girl asked Kremnitzer to send her a picture of his penis.

Kremnitzer took the photo with his phone and texted her, the prosecutor.

The detective obtained a search warrant of Kremnitzer's and the girl's phones. The prosecutor said he has no prior criminal background.

The prosecutor said the photos of the girl's vagina were found on Kremnitzer's phone, which she admitted were of her. "What I find troublesome is that he knew the victim's age," Judge Felice said.

HODGKINS, IL -- A Chicago man is charged with soliciting illicit photos and having sex with an underage girl a from Hodgkins, prosecutors said Wednesday in court.

Justin Kremnitzer, 22, appeared before Cook County Judge Peter Felice on charges of possession of child pornography, soliciting child pornography and aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

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The two began texting and talking on the phone, then progressed to going out.According to the allegations, Kremnitzer was fully clothed, but the girl was dressed only in a sweatshirt and underwear.