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10-Sep-2020 09:16

I know this feeling, it hurts so much when you would lay down your life for that person or persons, life is so short.But you can’t get back time when it’s gone don’t live to regret what you wished you had done.When you think of protecting your daughter as she is becoming a woman, what comes to mind? Telling her and showing her continually that you love her and that she means the world to you? What about helping her establish a truthful and healthy mentality of body image?

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He asks her to wear the ring as a reminder of how much she is worth to her daddy and to make an agreement with him; that if any young man desires to have more than a friendship with her, that she will first allow her dad to meet him and give his approval.We also have a full 30 day - no questions asked - satisfaction guaranteed refund policy! We love seeing design submissions from our fans so please email us with all t-shirt ideas.Or feel free to email us to drop in and say hi, or send us some love or hate mail.Get to know who her social circle and peers are—either in person or through causal family conversation around the dinner table.

When it comes to the young men she is talking with, ask questions and even invite him over for dinner to talk more.

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