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She explained, "I actually went into the studio to make the record from scratch, or he had the record there for me, but us being together was a very rare case I've had over the years." Ciara enjoyed her time with Timberlake, and valued the opportunity to work with him as an "artist and producer." Jordan Sargent of Pop Matters noted that while a pop fan might see the singer "back in her mind creatively," a Ciara fan would see the song as "signal[ing] the end of the singer's career as it once was." Sargent stated that the song "sounds nothing like the chrome-plated crunk&b nor the moonlit balladry that Ciara has staked her name on." Lauren Carter of the Boston Herald said that the song is influenced by Timberlake's disco-funk work on Future Sex/Love Sounds, stating that "it sounds like a reworked version of his bass-heavy dance number "Sexy Ladies." Dan Gennoe of Yahoo!

Music said that with the track, Ciara "lucked into the sexiest thing to happen to pop since Timberlake's own Future Sex/Love Sounds," calling the song one of the "biggest anthems of the year." Gennoe went on to call the song the "highlight" and "saving grace" of Fantasy Ride.

The video then cuts to Ciara in a leotard, posing in abstract and flexible poses.

Ciara is then seen dressed in a tiger-striped catsuit performing solo dance moves on a stage.

Featuring fellow American recording artist Justin Timberlake, the song was written by Timberlake and his production team The Y's and Mike Elizondo. The song was released from Fantasy Ride as the lead single internationally, and was the second single from that album released in the United States.

The song reveals a complete departure from Ciara's previous style, neither a sensual ballad nor incorporating Crunk&B influences.


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In an interview with MTV News, Ciara said: "It's all about showing another side of me with this video.

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