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17-Aug-2020 13:21

Slovenia was already more economically advanced than other nations behind the iron curtain prior to European integration and the powerhouse of Tito's Yugoslavia.

Contrary to the popular misconception, Slovenia was not a part of the Eastern bloc (not after the Yugoslavian notorious split with the Soviet Union in 1948).

So I put the fear of being judged aside and tried speaking Slovene on a daily basis.

When someone asks me how to learn Slovene, I have the simplest tip: find your drive to learn and then practise, practise, practise.

Global Journey took us to China, India, Uganda, Slovenia, and Nicaragua.

From the moment we crossed the Slovenian border, God gripped our hearts for this people group and nation.

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The first time we came to Slovenia was part of a summer mission trip called Global Journey while we were still dating in 2012.Passing the exam was like a friendly tap on the shoulder. To advance my Slovene skills I surrounded myself with books in Slovene, friends speaking Slovene and Slovene You Tubers.But what paradoxically helped me the most were other expats speaking Slovene.Also my dog, a Peruvian Hairless, speaks only Slovene, so this helps. Nationality: English Time Living in Slovenia: 3.5 years a fascinating and growing global project which asks the big questions about life, love and happiness. And also working in a Ziferblat, a really cool time-cafe that used to be in Ljubljana helped a lot too.

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I never studied (perhaps I should have) so I’ve no idea what the declension endings are. A resident of Ljubljana for three and a half years, Tom learned a thing or two about learning Slovenian. I can hold conversation but there are typically mistakes with simple vocabulary. Every day I would try to chat with guests in Slovenian.

So, I spoke to a selection of Slovenia’s Slovene-speaking expats to get their advice on tackling this most-tricky of tongues.