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20-Feb-2020 17:45

“In fact, is more than a game, it’s a fantastic learning tool while still being fun, with the correct choices being rewarded while the wrong ones are punished,” said La Ruina in a note to press.“Rather than passively learning, this active approach, combined with immediate feedback, makes this the ultimate seduction trainer.” As a lady who’s dated some very awkward dudes, I know we all could benefit from some self-improvement.But stumbles recklessly over the line between encouraging straight men to be conscious of how they treat straight women and instructing them on how to single-mindedly pursue women as if they were collectibles.’s levels play out as dialogue choice-based, interactive scenes.Dating is kind of like a game, at least in my experience: It’s a lot of figuring out how to talk to a cute person without fumbling over your words or ticking them off; after that comes sustaining their interest in you while making sure to honor your own needs too. But getting better at it, like most games, involves practice — like learning how to be flexible, compromising and, most importantly, supportive.Self-proclaimed dating coach Richard La Ruina professes to be an authority on the dating game.

It’s one thing to be quickly complimented in a bar or on the street, but even that can ring the alarm for those of us who’ve felt trapped on the other end of a hustle like the ones La Ruina advocates.

We have those defenses up for a reason: The dating game is a challenge, and it’s one that us women stand to lose more often than not.

a quick explanation: i frequent a forums web site called something awful.

La Ruina at least discourages his in-scene avatar from doing that, or asking a girl home too early — but the operative word there remains “too early.” That’s made all the more clear when you respond the wrong way and cut back to La Ruina, now alone in his hotel room.

He doesn’t say it outright, but he sure does look like he misses those cats of his.

And from that body of knowledge comes , now available on PC, which translates the trials and errors of dating into a choose-your-own-adventure-style video game.