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30-Dec-2020 11:27

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I even go to "Find Computer" option on the system center console, and I can't even bring up any of the workstations via hostname or IP address.Regarding the GRC.dat, which one do I copy to the remote workstations? They are located in: • C:\Program Files\SAV • C:\Program Files\SAV\logon • C:\Program Files\SAV\CLT-INST\WIN32 • E:\Software\Symantec Corporate\Tools\Sample I'm still leaning towards network communications being screwy between your clients, but, that aside: If not, two things: 1) Depending on your version of Symantec, it will communicate through either TCP or UDP.You'll need to make sure those ports and protocols aren't blocked.I know the Firewall is Off based on the Group Policy settings.Aurico: Same thing I responded to Adam Robinson with.When doing the remote install, did the System center tell you that the install completed without and problems?

symantec anti virus problems updating remote-32

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Thanks, John On the client stations, does it show the client antivirus underneath the group?On that page, it states what the parent server and any group it may be under is. is a file you would move to the proper directory on the client computers (diff.depending on what version you're using) that would place them in the group you wanted automatically IFF you are correct and there is nothing wrong firewall-wise.Until I understand the problem just activated Windows Defender.

I installed the Symantec System Center Console on a server and from that application on that server I did a remote installation of the Anti-Virus client to about 15 different systems on the same network.I will have to wait a couple of hours before I can reboot that server, otherwise I'm going to make a lot of people mad :) I am wondering what you mean by this: "On the client stations, does it show the client antivirus underneath the group?

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