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21-Dec-2020 21:17

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The world of dating is different than it used to be.

Also, unlike when you were younger and first starting out, you may now have family members and assets to think about and protect.

In a marriage, rights and obligations start immediately once the couple is married.

In contrast, people of any age who are either common law or adult interdependent partners must have lived together for a specified period of time before their rights and obligations come into effect.

Often people who are not married but who live together have less or weaker rights than those of married couples and the processes for dissolving these relationships are different from a marriage as well.

Lastly, remember that an Adult Interdependent Relationship does not have to be conjugal (sexual). If you and your partner buy something together, such as furniture or a car, you both own it.

Simply moving in together does not automatically result in your becoming part of an Adult Interdependent Relationship.

You must meet certain requirements set down in law in order to become someone’s Adult Interdependent Partner (see question below for legal requirements).

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Your rights can indeed be different depending upon whether you are, or are not, in an Adult Interdependent Relationship.

If your Adult Interdependent Partner dies without a valid Will, you also have the right to a portion of the partner’s estate.

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