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Next add a column called Double and enter into its Expression property Counter*2.

If you now select the Data Member property of the Important Dates Binding Source control you will see the new columns appear, and when you run the program the counter will increment every time you add a row and the count will automatically appear doubled in the Double column.

The documentation is often the cause of this problem because, rather than describe what the tool actually does, it tends to describe its action in a typical setting.

This has the result that we tend to think that the tool can only be used in exactly this setting.

Finally we can add the row object to the table: …which retrieves the column data in row zero in the table.

Notice that all of this has worked perfectly without any need for a Connection or a Data Adaptor let alone a database.

Next, right-click on the table in the designer and add the two columns, making sure to change their names and data types, again using the Property window.

We might as well accept the default Data Set name, Data Set1 (see Figure_1).

You can treat the Data Set as just another data structure along with the array, the stack and struct.

The table in the Data Set we have created can be bound to a control just as if it was associated with a database – this is because data binding has absolutely nothing to do with database!

This causes the Data Grid View to display two columns and a dummy row corresponding to the definition of Important Dates within Data Set1.

You should also notice that a Data Set control called data Set1and a Binding Source control have been automatically added to the form (see Figure_2). Important Dates it will be displayed in the Data Grid View.It’s as if a hammer was explained in terms of it being used to hammer in a particular type of nail, resulting in it being missed as an ideal tool to give something stuck a good hard knock, not to mention driving screws in when you’re missing a screwdriver.

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