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27-Mar-2020 05:46

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Dental services may not be limited to emergency services.Each state is required to develop a dental periodicity schedule in consultation with recognized dental organizations involved in child health.States must consult with recognized medical organizations involved in child health care in developing their schedules.

When a screening examination indicates the need for further evaluation of an individual's health, diagnostic services must be provided.These SLs should be used in conjunction with the June 2016 Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) Note 3.DTSC indicates that a subsequent update to the HHRA Note 3 will be issued December 2016/January 2017, which will include the changes to the PCE toxicity criteria.Necessary health care services must be made available for treatment of all physical and mental illnesses or conditions discovered by any screening and diagnostic procedures.

State Medicaid agencies are required to: Periodicity schedules for periodic screening, vision, and hearing services must be provided at intervals that meet reasonable standards of medical practice.

The USEPA’s SL are higher due to the use of a less conservative IUR (2.6E-07) than DTSC’s (6.1E-06) to derive its current SL; however, the USEPA acknowledges that the general IUR should not be used in all cases for evaluations and that “A number of uncertainties underlie the cancer unit risk for PCE…” Learn more by downloading the US EPA’s Chemical Assessment Summary of PCE here.