Updating flip video files

26-Jan-2021 05:17

The Properties window shows the file's frame size (as "Image Size"), frame rate, and pixel aspect ratio.

* For more information about project view, see the "Projects / Viewing a project’s files / Project view overview" in the Adobe Premiere Elements Help.

***** For For instructions on using the Field Options dialog, see "Importing and adding media / Working with aspect ratios and field options /Set field options for imported interlaced video" in the Adobe Premiere Elements Help. Codecs are algorithms for compressing video and audio data. For example, an AVI file can be encoded with the DV codec, a commercial codec (such as Div X), a Motion JPEG codec, among others.

(Camcorders that record to mini DV tapes use the DV codec.

To create a project and choose project settings, do the following**: Rendering previews*** sometimes improves the smoothness of playback of imported video files that you have placed on the Timeline or Sceneline.

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You can download and install additional codecs on your computer.Further, installing a required codec sometimes enables correct playback of those files in Adobe Premiere Elements.Installing a codec doesn't necessarily resolve problems in Adobe Premiere Elements that occur when you import or play files created with that codec.Adobe doesn't support third-party software and provides this information as a courtesy only.

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For assistance using third-party software, contact the software publisher or see the software's documentation. VOB (video object) files, which are used on DVDs, are variants of MPEG-2.If an imported video file exhibits basic playback issues, see Troubleshoot Project and File-Interpretation Settings.