Updating maps on garmin nuvi 660

31-Aug-2020 20:48

I downloaded it and installed on my Nuvi 660 with no problem.Nuvi 660, Street Pilot c340, Magellan Maestro 3225 Their customer service is horrible.So, keep an eye on this company, let's see where they are heading a year from now.and by the way, their online support website still giving server errors, I sent their webmaster an e-mail, let's see if he/she acts on it.I can basically return it, get a newer model, qualify for the free map upgrade and still end up where I started, 0, what do you think?oh yah, and please if you experience the same issue, write a review about the 660 so they know we can do something about their reputation if they try to screw with their customers like this.I remember when I bought the tomtom they had a policy of free map updates the first 30 days so no matter what happens, you always get the latest map free.I wrote a bad review about their customer service and I wrote a letter to some of their executives, maybe they need to look at what's going on and get some feed back from real people Everyone wants something for nothing..would anyone want to buy the 6XX series when the new 7XX series was out unless they were at exceptional prices and then you would get what you paid for. Probably shipping back to amazon would be anyway!

What would you do with any other electronic device when new models came out like TV's, DVD Players, cell phones, cameras, etc. I certainly dont like to be treated as the dumb sucker who unknowingly bought a discontinued model and have to pay another just a week or so after the purchase to be up to date.I just bought two Garmin GPSr Nuvi 660 and Street Pilot c340 four weeks ago and registered both at Garmin.