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27-Jul-2020 05:19

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The trouble with this approach is that it didn’t work very well for me.

The accounts got set up properly, but when I imported my transaction data, it was a mess.

And yes, you can “unlike” the page later if you don’t want it cluttering up your account.

In the final analysis, Moneydance looks like a winner.

If you’re not certain you want the existing file erased, click Cancel and give the file you’re restoring a different name.

The company file is converted to a regular company file, with a extension (or a extension if the backup was made from an Accountant’s Copy).

In the left sidebar, you’ll see a link for a “Discount Code.” Go ahead and click it – no code…

But if you “Like” their page, a 20% discount code will appear, bringing the total price down to .

This latter bit – the transfer out – got included in the split deposit, but then got duplicated on its own.I ended up with bizarre (and hugely negative) balance in our bank accounts, etc. Some of the balances were off by a bit, but it was close enough that I figured I could sort it out.I thus decided to start from scratch, but skip the “Import Account Info Only” step. The most obvious problem was that certain types of split deposits got screwed up.The only other glitches were that I wound up with an extra bank account called “Unknown: PAYEE” (I ended up deleting this with no problems) and one of our investment accounts, somehow got split into two identically named accounts.

Fortunately, it was easy to re-assign the errant transactions from one account to the other such that I could ultimately delete the duplicate.But aside from this minor (very minor) complaint, Moneydance is a very impressive piece of software.