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Demi, who has been recently battling her emotional problems at a rehab center outside of Chicago, has made the news again after racy photos were released on the web via Twitter.This is another major blow the clean image Demi once had.sunny has 15 chapters between stars that are of the first season but has also appendices of chapters so it has 21 chapters in total There are 21 episodes, but season 2 starts in January/February (Disney does not have an set date for episode 1 season 2 "falling for the falls").I wish they could start season 2 in December (now) because i want to know what happens with sonny and chad. season 2 Him and Stella were gonna start officially dating in the first episode but things go wrong but on the last few days they do begin dating : D Technically there is no set episode where it is revealed they are dating, but episodes that best hint they are in some sort of relationship are This Little Piggy, The Once and Future Thing, and Kids Stuff.If Lovoto does decide to return, she will only be in some episodes… They start dating in Falling For The Falls and kiss in Sonny With A Kiss. It's about them trying to have their first kiss and use the name Channy lots.In the end, they decide Channy have no spark- but Sonny and Chad do.Adding to the recently released photos that were apparently taken before Demi entered rehab, a source at X17 claims that the "Camp Rock" star isn't a stranger to getting a bit racy.The second and final season of the television series Sonny with a Chance aired on Disney Channel from March 14, 2010 to January 2, 2011.

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For now, the replacement of Sonny with a Chance is So Random! Well,so far Sonny and Chad went on a fake date and had a fake kiss where Sonny put her hand over Chad's mouth (search "Sonny With A Chance of Dating"),and Demi Lovato,who plays Sonny,said that Sonny and Chad will share a kiss,and in "Falling for the Falls" they start dating,but in a future episode I saw on Wikipedia,it is entitled "Sonny With A Kiss"!New Girl, when Sonny writes a song about how she still loves Chad, is the season 2 finale. Rumor has it that it will start back up in the summer but Demi Lovato will not star in it it will just be called so random. In the episode: "Reptile Boy" there is a lot of discussion about a date between our two favorite characters but there is no moment when they suddenly start dating, but I guess you could say it's in the following episode "Halloween." No, she said that in real life she only likes him as a friend.