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17-Nov-2020 18:37

I commented how awful it was what he had done, and he said, ‘Yeah, but I also think it’s ridiculous that the girl isn’t in any trouble.’ I was obviously confused, so he then went on to explain that he feels women should be punished as equally as the man in the case of rape, because she was just as present and guilty for the act as he was.

That’s when I faked a stomach ache and legit bounced out of the bar so fast.” — Annie But all hope is not lost, and singles don’t have to choose between staying in the City of Angels Ghosting and finding someone who won’t pull a Scott Disick.

Both were brunette, Jewish, average height, late 20s, attractive, great conversationalists. And there was another common denominator: both women owned pet snakes.

“I met this guy off OKCupid and we met for drinks in Hollywood.He told me that it was hard for him being the only single guy in his friend group, and he really wanted a wife and kids, etc. She administered some light internet stalking AND FOUND OUT HE WAS MARRIED WITH TWO KIDS!