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The red box around the crater designates the 200-metre by 200-metre protected zone within which meteorite collecting is prohibited – subject to a ,000 fine or one year in jail.

Cross sections of the ejecta blanket along 038° and 110° with a reference figure showing the location of the sections.

Copyright the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta.

CENTEMETRE SCALE The Whitecourt impact event produced octahedrite meteorites having two different post impact shapes.

With the exception of the magnet, large meteorites, about several hundred grams each, were found at all the major anomalies.

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These larger meteoroids for some reason completely lost their hypervelocities in the atmosphere and impacted at terminal velocity without causing the 1/2 mv² explosion. The largest Whitecourt meteorite presently discovered, a regmaglypted individual found in October 2010.Most meteoroids retain their hypervelocities and completely vaporize in an explosion when they impact the earth.