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16-Jun-2020 08:09

This is going to strike a nerve with a lot of people I’m sure since, as I reported back in August, Ben has been seeing Lindsey Duke but has yet to publicly acknowledge it.I have no idea why, I’m not sure what his deal is, but it’s certainly not a good look for him to constantly talk about not being ready to date when he’s been dating someone rather frequently for 6 months.Months later, Higgins decided to participate in , but he went into the show knowing that he might get flooded with questions about his relationship with Bushnell.Now, before we get into the details of how his time on the show went, this is your spoilers warning. Though he fell hard in love with and became engaged to contestant Lauren Bushnell during his turn as the star, the couple broke off their engagement in the summer of 2017. Poor Ben has seemingly had a bit of a tough time with his break up from Lauren and it is probably compounded by the fact that she has moved on with someone new.That is never an easy thing to reconcile for any ex.According to Boss Mirror, Duke is the girl who Hayes allegedly cheated on Amanda Stanton with when they were still dating. Duke also reportedly dated football player Blake Bortles.Duke hails from Denver, so distance shouldn’t be an issue for her and Higgins. According to Reality Steve, “He was seen Labor Day night at Sloan’s Lake Tap and Burger bartending for an event that helped Hurricane Harvey victims …

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With that out of the way, Higgins had a hard time finding someone on the show because the women felt he wasn’t ready to find love again.

But anyway, after he tells Chris Harrison that, he says goodbye to the group as well.” So, who is Lindsey Duke?

Apparently, OKHere Is The Situation reports that Duke has previously dated stars Robby Hayes and Jeff Holm, so, that would make Higgins her third boyfriend from the franchise.

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