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He then rode along with him in the ambulance, keeping him alive by forcing oxygen into his lungs.

Only as they approached the hospital did he learn that the man he had rescued was the accused gunman, Russell Weston Jr.

One day not long ago, I went to meet Frist in his office.

In the arcane world of the Senate, where nearly everything is meted out according to station (there are separate elevators and subway cars reserved for senators), the size and location of your office is perhaps the most visible measure of influence.

And while it is true that medicine and politics often share the goal of aiding others, in practice they are quite different.

Indeed, where medicine is supposed to be clinical and dispassionate, democratic politics often requires unseemly compromise and a certain ruthlessness.

'' I'm Senator Frist,'' he told an officer, flashing his ID.

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'' You're a physician.'' The scene, like so many in the life of Bill Frist (only months ago he rescued a family in a car accident while driving through Florida on vacation), has helped to elevate him above the ranks of the ordinary politician.It is less about saving lives than serving them through tedious, incremental steps.After barely 100 days as majority leader, Frist has found himself caught between these two forces, between the vision of himself as a savior and his own political ambitions.He said that his training allowed him ''to listen very, very closely, to diagnose, to treat and, yes, to heal.'' He accepted his new responsibility, he added, ''with a profound sense of humility very similar to placing that heart into a dying woman or a child or a man.'' It is, of course, common to see politics through the prism of your experiences.

Plato thought that philosophers should rule as kings.

He has been called ''the new face of the Republican Party,'' and up close he has immaculate features and thick brown hair. As several aides vied for his attention, he led me through a series of doors until we reached his private office. There was a desk and a couch and, in place of the traditional wall of photos with presidents and dignitaries, only two paintings.