Who is kelly preston dating

21-Feb-2020 21:53

The unexpected tragedy shed light on Scientology’s denial of neurological and psychiatric conditions, which had led the couple to deny that Jett had autism (they had previously said he suffered from Kawasaki disease).

It was only during a trial against two men in the Bahamas for extortion did Travolta admit in public that their son had been autistic.

As a rising star in the '80s and '90s, she specialized in comic roles that played off her all-American sexiness in movies like Space Camp and Twins.

Her showbiz career is mostly relegated to that of spokesperson for fellow Scientologist Kirstie Alley’s weight loss company, Organic Liaison, Elsewhere, her time has been spent as a mother and working with charities such as Healthy Child, Healthy World, Save the Sea, and Narconon International—the last of which may shed light on her own past. After the news of masseuse lawsuits broke, the tabloids exploded, naturally.At the time, it was a huge scandal that helped cement Sheen’s image as a womanizing, possibly dangerous, bad boy.