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In her open letter, Azarenka framed her case as emblematic of the struggle that many people face in balancing parenthood and careers, calling it “a challenge I am willing to face and embrace.”“I want to support men and women everywhere who know it is O. I look forward to hopefully having positive developments soon so that this difficult situation can be resolved and I can get back to competing.”Aharonov said a tennis tournament might not meet the standards for an emergency ruling that would allow Azarenka to travel to the Open with her son.“The child is not in danger of irreparable harm, which is our standard for why a judge would intervene so quickly,” he said.

Aharonov said that Azarenka’s status as a public figure and her roots in California would make it unlikely that she would be classified as a flight risk.

It is believed that she will shortly be able to continue with her career as normal, travelling the globe, but for now, she is able to compete at Indian Wells as it is in California and means she can attend the tournament with her son.

Azarenka’s friend and fellow professional, Gael Monfils, told Tennis World USA of the situation: ‘It’s a very sad situation that sees one of my best friends [being] involved.

“At that point, as soon as someone files something, if the other party wants to remove the child they need to get a specific court order or the other person’s consent.

That’s routine: Just the initiation and service of the action would stop the person from being able to leave with the child.”Azarenka, a finalist at the Open in 20, missed last year’s tournament because of her pregnancy.

“Just by virtue of being a mother, you are not entitled to anything more, under the law, than a father.

That development has put in doubt her participation in the United States Open, which begins Aug. Azarenka, who has not played since Wimbledon, cited “a family matter” when she withdrew from this week’s Western & Southern Open near Cincinnati, as reports of a custody dispute began to circulate.He said the decision would come down to a judge’s interpretation of the facts presented by each side.“It really goes toward a judge’s analysis of the child’s best interest,” Aharonov said.“Ultimately, the underlying policy consideration for the state is that both parents have frequent and continuing contact, barring any issues where a parent’s presence has a detrimental impact on the child.”Gender and work status, Aharonov said, would not be factored into a ruling.“Mother and father both are on equal playing fields,” he said.Now, I'm not here to pass judgement on the type of music Redfoo produces, and I will say that his group has been quite successful with their hit song.

LMFAO has seen countless talk show appearances, awards shows and concerts to prove the band's success.Azarenka refused to leave the state without her child and subsequently has not played on the WTA Tour since, pulling out of the US Open, Australian Open and many other tournaments.