Why is archaeological dating important

07-Mar-2020 18:35

Not that this isn't a convoluted tale in and of itself.

Occam's Razor, however, doesn't make simplicity of expression ("A Roman ship landed in Mexico!

Three utterly shocking segments were aired, three segments that brought us all screaming to our feet.

Unfortunately, the program turned ugly on the February 21st, 2000 show from Providence, Rhode Island.

The original scientific article describing the find and its location can be found here: Hristov, Romeo and Santiago Genovés.

1999 Mesoamerican evidence of Pre-Columbian transoceanic contacts. The recovery of a Roman figurine head from a late-15th/early-16th century site near Toluca, Mexico is only interesting as an artifact if you know, without a doubt, that it came from a North American context prior to the conquest by Cortes.

Not just the place, but the soil, the site type, the layer the artifact came from, what else was in that layer.

The importance of where an artifact is found is profound.An important concept in archaeology, and one that isn't given a lot of public attention until things go awry, is that of context.

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