Xerces c validating xml parser

13-Apr-2020 17:12

Other features include conformity to XML 1.0; tracking of latest DOM and SAX specifications; programmatic generation and validation of XML; pluggable catalogs, validators and encodings; and customizable error handling.XML4P includes a collection of Perl wrapper objects that internally use their XML4C counterparts for high-performance, scalable and localizable DOM parsing.Try implementing the methods in it to print errors to the console.I'm writing a library which takes xml files and parses them. I have a scheme and want to use it to to validate an XML file.

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In the blog post there is a link to (Adapted somewhat from https://stackoverflow.com/a/15829424/757777 but untested) Included in the software Code Synthesis XSD the embedded example (that is put in the public domain) demonstrates how to use xercesc:: Bin Input Stream and xercesc:: XMLGrammar Pool::deserialize Grammars to load a precompiled XSD schema. However, when I initially look at each xml file, I do not know what file it is until I parse it, hence I cannot link a static xsd file to it.Is there a way of saying, I want to validate each xml file against xsd1 or xsd2 or etc...I would like to install an error reporter (it is of type XMLError Reporter), where I could track the message and/or throw my own exception, but I don't know how to do that. While structural errors are reported via fatal Error(), validation errors are reported via error().

I get Error Count() and it returns non-zero, which is good. The Handler Base class has a default implementation of error() to "do nothing".To prevent users from feeding inalid xmls into my application i'm using xerces to validate the xml files via an xsd.