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20-Aug-2020 13:52

I just lived out of a suitcase for that whole first year, not really knowing what was going to happen.”Zachary Levi, her former costar on “Chuck,” described Strahovski as much sillier than her current role would have one believe — he teased that she had a penchant for belching on the “Chuck” set — and that she was known to be accident-prone.Her work ethic, however, was no-nonsense.“She would come to work — I would give her [a hard time] for this — with her scripts so incredibly noted,” Levi said by phone.“I had to pump and send the milk to the trailer and my husband would feed him.But we did it as a family, we did it together — the dog came too!After an arc last year that saw Serena lose her faith in her husband and the society they helped create — losing a pinkie finger in the process — the new episodes see the character continue to mine her internal conflict.Viewers also will be introduced to Serena’s mother.“I got a lot of inspiration from all the new-mom feels I was experiencing.Given Serena’s situation, having just let go of what she believes is her baby, coming into a very emotional story line after where we left her last season, it really worked for me to have all that going on in my personal life.” Bruce Miller, the series’ showrunner and executive producer, said it’s all made for a powerful performance in Serena’s journey to understanding what it means to be a mother this season.

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By her early 20s, Strahovski was doing commercial work and appearing in film and television roles there, including the 2004 drama series “Headland.” By 2007, she landed her first U. series, costarring in NBC’s goofy spy comedy “Chuck.” She says she hadn’t set out to break out in the States — it was more of an accident.“I think I had six different rental cars and moved five times.

Miller points to a scene that unfolds midway through the first episode of this season, which airs Wednesday.

June/Offred has returned to the Waterford’s home, sans baby, and Serena is consumed with anger that transitions to all-consuming anguish.“It’s the most remarkable piece of acting you’ll ever see,” Miller said by phone.

In the process, she is stopped by Strahovski’s at times monstrous, at times sympathetic character, Serena Joy Waterford, the baby’s mother by forcible adoption and rape.

In an emotionally charged scene, Serena says goodbye to the baby she’s long coveted and allows June to flee with her from the oppressive republic she helped forge.“It’s been interesting,” Strahovksi says of how her real life journey into motherhood is converging with her character’s.

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